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  • Computer sciences and IT
  • Ahmadabad
  • Bangalore
  • Chandigarh
  • Chennai
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  • Edinburgh
  • London
  • Educational consultant
  • UK, India
  • Management, Engineering, Arts and Humanities, General commerce, General science, Law, Medical, Others
  • Under graduate, Masters, PhD
My Introduction

Crossing my entire career I have developed awareness of education among multiple academic service sectors. I belief that education is the strength behind national decisions. Education has the power to help a nation to rise in technology and developments. I have passed my entire career in education since 2009 to 2016 and continuing. At very beginning in 2009, I have joined educational training institute and provided lectures to Punjab Technical University students. In 2012, I got an opportunity to be a reseracher over educational market. I used to make communication with foreign (mostly UK) clients. In 2012, first time I had an opportunity to hold control of a state-wide project named ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in Sikkim State. ICT project delivered me project managment skill. I become a communication link to 181 school heads and instructors over there. I attended national level seminers and made more awareness about learning and development through computer. I reported continuously to superiors of Sikkim HRDD (Human Resource Development Department), Govt. of Sikkim. I become part of Stunited in 2016. I belief that Stunited is developing a great ground of learning and information managemnt for worldwide students communities. stunited can help the students to connect with the other students , professionals and businesses in order to get and/or share information. They can search a massive educational information in our Information Resource function and eventually get the adequate help to fulfil their dreams and desires. Stunited can help businesses to establish the brand. It helps to reach to the exact target customers and communicate with them in various ways to multiply the business growth. Stunited can help professionals to get deserving jobs ,connected with the students, businesses and other professionals and enjoy the feeling of being empowered and independent.

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Indranil Mitra

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K D road

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English, Bengali, Nepali, Hindi,

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Under Graduate

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Information technology

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SAP in ABAP Module

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Futuresoft Man Management Pvt. Ltd.

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Market Researcher

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10/17/2016 - (Present)

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We have created a social media in the higher education sector to build up a global network - It will help you to find consultancies in UK to get admission in any University or distance course from UK Universities being at home.

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