Stunited FAQs
Stunited - Uniting Students Globally
  • 1.What is STUNITED?

    Stunited is a comprehensive edu-social network dedicated to helping students around the world. We provide everything a student needs to comfortably progress through their education and also help people prepare for and get into higher education. We have features such as informational resources, provided course search and accommodation for a multitude of universities across the globe, forums to discuss topics relating to higher education and providing alternate options to gain higher education qualifications.

  • 2. How Do I use the STUNITED search to find other people?

    To search for a person on our site, type their name into the search box (which is located on the left hand side of the page) and then click a result from the drop down menu or click the submit search button (The magnifying glass next to the search box).

  • 3. Why am I receiving email alerts from Stunited?

    We send email alerts to enhance the experience of Stunited. We provide email alerts for things such as friend requests and private messages, so you can be informed of any action on or relating to your profile straight away. If you wish to turn off these notifications, click the arrow next to your avatar (the small picture of you) in the right hand corner, click the settings option, click email settings then choose the actions you want to receive notifications for.

  • 4. Who uses STUNITED?

    Stunited is used by Students insecondary, higher secondary and highereducation. Stunited is also used by Educational professionals, Educational organizations and relevant businesses.

  • 8. How do I manage my account?

    To manage your account, click the arrow next to your avatar (the small picture of you) in the right hand corner and select my profile.

  • 9. How do I reset my password?

    If you have forgotten your password, or someone has breached your account, you can reset your password by clicking forgot your password?. Then a box will appear asking you to type in your email address. Then an email will be sent to the account provided with your password inside.

  • 10. How do I change my password?

    To change your password, click the arrow next to your avatar (the small picture of you) in the right hand corner, click the settings option and then the change password option. You will have to enter your old password before changing it to a new one.

  • 11. What is the minimum password length and how can I make my password strong?

    Your password must be a minimum length of five characters. To make your password stronger, you can include different characters such as capital letters, different symbols and numbers.

  • 15. How do I send a message?

    1. Click on the messages icon 2. Click on compose message 3. Type in the email of the person whom you want to send message. 4. Click send.

  • 16. Who can I send messages to?

    You can send a message to anyone on Stunited, so long as the person you wish to send the message to hasn’t blocked you.

  • 17. Who can see my messages?

    Only the person(s) you have corresponded with can see the messages you have sent to them.

  • 18. How do I share a link on Stunited?

    To share a link on Stunited, click the share link button below the status box then insert the link into the enter site/video link here box.

  • 19. How do I share a post I see in my News Feed?

    If you have found a post you wish to share, just click on the social network icons underneath the post, such as the S to share on Stunited or F to share on Facebook.

  • 20. How can I post a link to a group?

    If you want to share a link with a group, go the groups page, click on a group you own or have joined, click the view all discussions link then insert the link into the enter post/topic box.