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Contact No : (+44)7590396484
About Us:
  • Total Student Care (TSC) is a globally recognised education agent – we help students for successful admission at education institutions abroad.
  • We are one of the fastest growing education service providers, always looking to set exemplary quality service standards.
  • We aim to give you extra value from the services you take and enrich our own value from our experience with you.
  • Our distinctive features We are professionally trained and certified education consultant, member of regulatory body and agent associations.
  • We work with genuine education providers; possess local knowledge and industry specialisation. We have high success rate in admission and visa application.
  • We provide you with guidance on career planning, follow up services for your student life-time, maintain 100% honesty, and take ‘total care’ of you.
  • Agent status and membership British Council – Listed Agent English UK – Partner Agent ICEF – Trained Agent Counsellor (ITAC) QISAN – Full Member ENZ - Education New Zealand Trained Agent QEAC (Australia) - Trained Agent (In Association with PIER) CCEA - Canada Course Graduate We strive to extend our services to wider extent to fulfil your requirements as and when required, our target is to exceed your expectation and give you total satisfaction. Features of our services - - Personalised care for you - Creating value for you - Quality guaranteed for you Total Student Care (TSC) offers much more than excellent education consultancy – with us, you are not a number only; you are an individual whom we take care of.
  • We hope that you can take great inspiration and motivation from our counselling and drive your ambition to the optimum level.
Why Us:
  • Student consultant, Admission helps at universities
  • Guidance on higher study
  • International students 
  • Study abroad helps
  • QEAC agent
  • Student services
  • ENZ agent
  • British Council listed agent
  • CCEA Graduate
  • QISAN member
  • ICEF agent
  • QEAC agent
Service details for University College Courses
  • 1) What is the name of the organization?
  • Answer: Total Student Care
  • 2) Where is the campus?
  • Answer: UK
  • 3) Which are the courses you offer?
  • Answer: Management,Engineering,Arts and humanities,General commerce,General science,Law,Medical,Others
  • 4) Which Level?
  • Answer: Foundation,Under graduate,Masters,PhD
  • 5) What is your term time?
  • Answer: January intake,February intake,March intake,April intake,May intake,June intake,July intake,August intake,September intake,October intake,November intake,December intake,Throughout the year
Service details for Educational Consultants
  • 1) Which are the countries you provide the services?
  • Answer: UK,India,USA,Australia,New Zealand,Canada,China,Malaysia,Singapore,Philippines,UAE,Others
  • 2) Which are the areas you cover?
  • Answer: Management,Engineering,Arts and humanities,General commerce,General science,Law,Medical,Others
  • 3) Which are the level you cover?
  • Answer: High school,Foundation,Under graduate,Masters,PhD